Who We Are

LearnLaunch, a non-profit organization, located in Boston, serves the education ecosystem in the New England region. We are unique in our convener status working to provide programs and services across the many stakeholder groups who impact education: policy leaders, education practitioners and EdTech innovators. Our team is diverse in our background, perspectives, personal, and professional experience. Six of the eight senior members of our Building Blocks team are female, and one is a Person of Color, one is a Former Governor, two have run EdTech companies, three have direct instructional and leadership experience in education, and four have their Ph.D.s. 

The uncommon combination of skills and expertise of our team creates our unparalleled qualifications to support district and school leaders meet the historic challenges necessitated by the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus. Many of us have both the breadth of professional experience necessary to have designed an actionable framework and tool as well as the personal experience as working parents to apply the empathy necessary to the design and delivery process that recognizes the many demands being placed on parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Applying our expertise, we developed an accessible online tool and workshop format for our colleagues on the front lines of ensuring equitable teaching and learning continues despite the obstacles in their paths.

Say hello to the team!

Jane Swift

President & Executive Director,
Learn Launch


Ann Koufman-Frederick, Ph.D

Chief Academic Officer, Learn Launch


Margot Cardamone, Ed M.

Chief of Staff, LearnLaunch


Dana Ansel, Ph. D.

Research & Evaluation Consultant


Alisa Berger

Deeper Learning Dozen,
Harvard Graduate School of Education


Renee Foster

Former President, Curriculum Associates


Kaili Akar

Research Analyst, LearnLaunch


Ellie Gray, Ed. M.

Product Owner, LearnLaunch


Emily Claytor

Strategic Relationship Manager, LearnLaunch

Jake Rooney

Policy Analyst, LearnLaunch

Rezin Davis

Business Development, LearnLaunch

Eric Smith

Founder, PairedIQ


Building Blocks Content Experts

Set Learning Priorities

Karen Shakman, Ph.D.

Independent Consultant, 21mead Educational Consulting

Communicate Clearly

Sarah Silverman, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Outside Angle

Prepare Educators

Alisa Berger

Deeper Learning Dozen, Harvard Graduate School of Education & Principal, New York City I-Zones Schools

Ensure Equitable Access

Darnisa Amante-Jackson, Ed.L.D; Andre Morgan, Ed.L.D

President & Co-Founder, Disruptive Education Equity Project; Leader of Equity, Beverly Public Schools

Include Social-Emotional Learning

Shai Fuxman, Ed. D.

Senior Research Scientist, Education Development Center

Support Parents

Windy Lopez-Aflitto

Vice President, Learning Heros

Engage Learners

Alisa Berger

Deeper Learning Dozen, Harvard Graduate School of Education & Principal, New York City I-Zones Schools

Plan for Special Education

Melissa Corto

CEO, Education Modified
Special Education Teacher, New York City, Public Schools

Address Needs of English Learners

Jody Day Klein

ESL Teacher, Newton Public Schools

Select Aligned Tools

Renee Foster

Former President, Curriculum Associates & LearnLaunch Board Member