District Solutions

We offer high-touch solutions exclusively for your central office and school leaders, including small group virtual workshops to help set district-level and school-level priorities through a needs assessment based on our Building Blocks framework. These workshops are tailored to the guidance set by district and state leaders. Schedule a consultation to discuss our current solution offerings or explore other options.

What you receive:

  • Small group working sessions to get to actionable next steps
  • Expert facilitators who work directly with your district to determine and tailor content to your needs
  • Templates, resources, and tools for use in your context

District Workshop Offerings

Engage Learners

Alisa Berger, from Harvard’s Deeper Learning Dozen, will be teaming up with us to offer TWO, 2-hour workshops for up to 100 members of and school or district team. Based on our Engage Learners 90-minute peer-learning workshops, this tailored offering will build off the same principles and apply them in the unique context of your school.

Our virtual workshop will provide your instructional team with the benefit of deeper insights into the concepts around engagement in a remote learning environment. This district-specific series is highly interactive and will help school & district teams to explore strategies to build, deepen, and understand student engagement in a remote or hybrid model. 

“This was great. The three hours went by so fast and we had meaningful, deep conversations. I really got a lot out of it, and that is not something I say after PD. Thank you!”

— Educator, Pembroke Public Schools