Transform emergency instruction into high-quality, equitable teaching & learning practices.

Building Blocks Tool

Our free online tool gives district leaders, administrators, and teachers access to the planning framework, curated resources from trusted sources  and vetted examples from peers. Develop and manage your plan all in one place.

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Interactive Workshops

Engage with the Building Block content that fits your team’s needs in a virtual workshop. Collaborate with other district and school leaders and learn from experts in the field.


Tailored District Solutions

Get customized guidance and personalized support through highly facilitated workshop sessions that guide your leadership team through a planning process and receive support as you progress through each phase of implementation.

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One-to-one Coaching

One-to-one tailored support during the summer and throughout the school year, working cooperatively with leadership to plan for and implement best practices and meet instructional goals.

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August 2020

About the Building Blocks

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