About the Framework

The 10 most essential instructional elements for achieving equitable, high-quality teaching and learning

Origins of The Building Blocks

In mid-March when schools shut down across the state, our work changed completely in an instant, and we found ourselves wondering how we could best support districts and schools during this unprecedented time.  After talking to our colleagues in the field, the common theme that we heard repeatedly is that district and school leaders were feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at them from many directions, and yet, at the same time, they wanted guidance and support in their transition to remote learning.

We set out to find a way to support district and school leaders to offer high-quality teaching and learning in a remote environment.  We identified district examples and other resources that could help streamline their work by offering a place to start.   We also wanted to help them ask the right questions, to think deeply about their own practices, to build from their strengths, and to do this through an equity lens.

After crosswalking resources from trusted sources against one another, we identified common themes and arrived at the Building Blocks Framework, with 10 Building Blocks of Equitable Remote Learning. This Framework is designed to meet district and school leaders where you are, allowing you to choose which topics are most critical at this moment in time for your context. This Framework can help provide a cohesive structure for your planning for high-quality, equitable teaching and learning, especially in a time of great complexity with so much uncertainty.

We wish you every success in your remote teaching and learning journeys and hope that the Building Blocks Framework will help you achieve your goals.

—–  Amy O’Connell and Dana Ansel, Ph.D., co-creators

“The building block tool is well organized and easy to use. The link to resources and tools is so useful! Thank you.”

– Massachusetts Educator